Report from the International No-g20 preparatory Meeting

Report from the International No-g20 preparatory Meeting, April 7 in Hamburg:

60 activists from various networks and European regions confirm their commitment to push for the transnationalization of the G20 protest and coordinate our efforts:

We are loud we are many, the world will hear us!

On April 7, 2017, we met in Hamburg for the first Inter/Transnational No-g20 meeting to map, prepare and organize for the transnational mobilization and participation in the broad protests against the G20 summit that will take place July 7 & 8 in the midst and centre of Hamburg. We met for a day long face to face meeting after three months of communicating mainly through mails and a mailing list, by meeting in conference calls or at other (transnational) meetings.

We had a full day of productive discussions on the significance of an inter-/transnational convergence of struggles, protests and resistance in this historical moment. Continue reading “Report from the International No-g20 preparatory Meeting”


The Gängeviertel, where we will meet, April 7, is a whole quarter, located at Valentinskamp (28-39) close to the subway station Gänsemarkt.

Location: Gängeviertel, Valentinskamp 34a, 20335 Hamburg

Googlemaps: 2 stops with the subway U2 from the central station to station Gänsemarkt

The Gängeviertel is a whole quarter, a bloc of the Valentinskamp (28-39) close to the subway station Gänsemarkt. We will meet in the groundfloor of one of the main building, die Fabrique (building 7 on the map). Of course we will put up posters so nobody will get lost and finds her/his way.

Registration and Accommodation

Hi comrade, friend and No G20 activist,

if you read the Invitation and you want to join the international work meeting in Hamburg please write us an email to with the following information:

How many you are?

If it is possible: Network, organization or initiative

How long do you stay?

When do you arrive?

We will try to answer as soon as possible. If we will not do so, be sure, that there will be accommodation for you.

International NO-g20 work group


Conference Agenda

Proposed Agenda for the Meeting, April 7

After 10 am Arrival, coffee, registration

11:00 – 11:30 am Welcome and introduction to the meeting with international video/audio messages

11:30 – 12:30 pm A Plenary discussion, political debate and exchange on the global political situation, the role of the G20 summit in July 2017 and the significance on the transnational mobilization/dimension (this part of the meeting will be open to all by livestream).

Why ist he G20 protest in the summer of 2017 important, why are they a chance for a transnational convergence of voices and struggles, what is it that we need to do and want to say in /with Hamburg? With brief inputs to start the common discussion from different context (Europe, Germany, from G20 countries from out of Europe)

12:30 – 1:30 pm An introduction to Hamburg and the German mobilization, to alliances, local organizations and the plans developed so far

With representatives and reports from the various work groups and alliances with specific focus on the structure and activities of the “compact week” (summit for global solidarity on July 5 & 6, the day of action on the start of the offical summit on July 7 and the mass demonstration on July 8) as well as on other activities, demonstrations and logistics (camp, anti-repression, arrival, assemblies etc).

This session will give an overall picture and what to expect and address how to get involved in the mobilization and specific activities such as the counter summit, the mass march, civil disobedience etc.

1:30 – 2:30 pm Lunch Break

2:30 – 3:00 pm Checking the needs for the transnational process and mobilization – planning the work to be done and introduction of working groups necessary in order to organize the transnational political and work process

Introduction of working groups such as transnational mobilization, media work and material; structuring the organizational /work process: drafting a plan of necessary organization structures, coordinating structures and outreach etc.; logistics in Hamburg (camp, infopoints, languages and translation of necessary info); legal information and anti –repression; participation as transnational movement in the different planned actions and demos; creating a mobilization calendar/collective use of homepage (and other workshops might come up)

3:00 – 4:45 pm Working in the mentioned work groups – coming up with results for the plenary and overall process

4:45 – 5:00 pm Coffee Break

5:00 – 6:00 pm Closing plenary and report of the working groups

Saving the results (minutes, dissemination etc.), agreements for work process (meetings, conferenc calls, workgourp processes etc.)


Friday after 7 pm (for those still in the city): Come-together at Centro Sociale (Sternstraße 2, 20357Hamburg,

Sat. in the morning (meeting point: Gängeviertel at  9 a.m): Getting a feeling for Hamburg – a guided walk through the heart of the political city and locations of the counter activities

Saturday/Sunday Action conference at St. Pauli Ballsaal for those who are in the city and are interested. There will be action trainings for civil disobedience and anti- repression workshops in english. (see

Invitation to an International meeting to prepare the mobilisation against G20 summit, July 7 th /8 th in Hamburg

Come in and find out!

The first discussion part of the International NoG20 work meeting on friday will be broadcast live. Start at ~11a.m. The role of the G20 summit in July 2017 and the significance on the transnational mobilization and dimension.


UPDATE for the International meeting to prepare the mobilisation against G20 summit, July 7th/8th in Hamburg April 7 from 11 am to 6 pm

See for invitation (, calls etc. see; write to for any question

Location: Gängeviertel, Valentinskamp 34, 20335 Hamburg,+20355+Hamburg/@53.5553,9.9827028,19z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x47b18f17196aa139:0x406d94bfea5dc5d4!8m2!3d53.5553!4d9.98325, 2 stops with the subway U2 from the central station to station Gänsemarkt


Our common language will be English so that we can work and build the work structures we need, however, any translation for certain statements/contributions will have to be organized collectively, we will try to have people able to translate in these special situations in French, Spanish, Italian (permanent translation will not be provided)

Registration and accommodation:

Please register at for the meeting, the preparation of the meeting and for accommodation. There will be solidarity accommodation but only for people who say so beforehand (until April 3) so that we can provide it


Next 7th and 8th in July, the heads of the states of the most powerful countries in the world will meet for the G20 summit in the city of Hamburg. We know most of their faces and accuse them of pushing policies of domination and exploitation, of racism and xenophobia, of impoverishment and war. The G20 represents another phase of “global governance” that is augmenting the G8 (actually, the G7 since Russia’s accession of Crimea). The G20 was formed in 2008 when capitalist globalization entered a nearly fatal meltdown. In a context of near-permanent crisis, leading regional military, economic and political powers are attempting to bandaid structural problems – but at the same time compete within the “organized chaos” of markets.

On the one hand, the G20 promised to become a better forum with wider membership – including the Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (BRICS) bloc – so as to amplify the power and legitimacy of the multi-polar neoliberal world order. On the other hand, G20 policies are resulting in the deterioration of living conditions for millions of people, women and men, who pay the price for this model of global injustice, along with environmental devastation including climate catastrophe.

For twenty years, our movements for “global justice” have opposed this top-down power and rejected the philosophy known as neoliberalism, its realities and future risks. Today, we see the ecological crisis and the destruction of life unfolding before our eyes; we see financial crisis “management” resulting in the concentration of extreme wealth for few (the 1% have as much wealth as half the planet) and mass impoverishment for the majority of the people; we see a proliferation of armed conflicts, in which ordinary people – especially those resisting the injustices – pay the highest price with their lives, while the military industry gets unprecedented high profits; we see millions of people being forced to leave their homes in pursuit of shelter and a better life, while walls, on land and sea, are built and condemn them to death.

This disastrous situation turns even more disastrous by giving birth to “its own monsters”. The old representatives of the “status quo” and establishment cling to their privileges, while reactionary forces emerge out of this mess. The latter use the social disasters and multiple crises to push for an order that in reality only protects the “old centres”. Nationalism, protectionism, the diminishing of public space and socio- political rights are accompanied by claims to speak on behalf of the “Volk” (the homogenous, ethnically cleansed people). This is just another class, race and gender war to secure the privileges of the few. However, with a truly monstrous face.

We have fought impoverishment and war since decades and in various ways. We fight locally and globally. We do not only resist, but also practically demonstrate the alternatives. Twenty years ago the movement of movements used to say, another world is possible. Today, in front of the disaster capitalism and the “political monsters” that it is producing, we claim that not only another world is possible, but that WE ARE THE OTHER WORLD, possible and necessary!

While the state elites make deals in Hamburg, we strongly believe that this summit is not only the right moment and place to act, to stand together on the streets of the city of Hamburg with loud voices and in manifold ways. Our answer to the summit of the powerful must be also a transnational convergence of resistance and alternatives, of unity and solidarity. It is time now to give the no-G20 mobilisation a broad international breath, starting at the European level.

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