Reader for the protest week

Here you can find a reader for the protest week in english, made by activists from Hamburg. It contains the most important dates for actions, some basic information about infrastructure, a map and practical tips.
A printed version will be available in the days in Hamburg all over the town at Infopoints.


Newsletter June 2017

PDF: International No G20 Newsletter June 2017

DOC: International No G20 Newsletter June 2017

*** A final info sheet with all numbers and contacts updated will be circulated a few days before the protests. So please stay tuned via the channels provided in this Newsletter ***

Dear international friends and comrades,
In only three weeks we come together in Hamburg from across Europe and the world to protest against the G20´s spectacle of power. Just three weeks until we fill the streets and squares of Hamburg to show that another world is necessary; that it is possible starting with our solidarity on the streets; and until we reject the exploitation, social precarity, wars, ecological devastation and social division that the world’s 20 most powerful leaders and their delegations will organize.
This parade of monsters should decide our future? No, they don’t represent us. It is not just the Trumps and Erdogans, the Temers and Putins, the Modis and Zumas, the Merkels, Mays, Junkers and Macrons. No, the monster is a “system”. A system based on the exploitation and systematic appropriation of work, wealth and land of the many by a few – in its neoliberal form represented by Merkel, Macron and the EU’s transnational elites, and in its nationalist reactionary form represented by the authoritarian, racist and sexist Trump, Erdogan and King Salman. They are two sides of the same coin.
What is at stake in Hamburg is nothing less than the future of our Planet Earth. We already know that their negotiations will not solve any of the current and upcoming wars and military conflicts, will not stop the devastation of the continents, and will not help any of the millions fleeing from war or poverty or those who face impoverishment in the richest economies (see
We know that many of you are planning to come to Hamburg. Others might not make it, but want to follow the news, organize solidarity actions and disseminate information. This is why we’ve compiled as much information as possible in an international newsletter to give you a good overview. However, please be aware that things may change quickly: to stay updated follow us online (see 5 below).

In this newsletter:
1. Overview of the political situation in Hamburg: a compact week of protests against their summit

2. The planned activities: what is planned when, where to go, what to expect, how to participate and where to get more information

3. Logistical matters: accommodation, travel info, bus coordination and where to get information.

4. Legal help and police matters: what you need to know in case of repression, important numbers and helpful information.

5. How to stay tuned for updates and support us: where to find last-minute information and support the activists.

1. Overview of the political situation in Hamburg: a compact week against their summit.
On Dec. 1 2016, the German government took over the presidency of the G20, with many G20 ministerial meetings along the way and the G20 summit itself taking place on July 7 and 8 in Hamburg city centre. It is not only the overall politics of the G20, but also the current representatives of the G20 who will come to Hamburg which need to be criticized, confronted and protested against. Therefore, several initiatives, political groups and representatives of civil society formed a G20 platform and started to organize and coordinate protests with the idea of forming a broad alliance, a transnational convergence of the many under the motto “Solidarity beyond borders” against the G20 and against its global organization of power
A variety of activities have already taken place in Hamburg and around the G20 ministerial meetings (not to forget the massive protests in Brazil and Argentina these days, both part of the G20). But in Germany for example, in March when the G20 finance ministers met in Baden-Baden; or last week in Berlin, when hundreds of protesters led by anti-racist and refugees groups opposed the Merkel/Schäuble “G20 Compact with Africa,” partly because it will become a feast for multinational corporate privatization at the expense of taxpayer subsidies, partly because the “Africa Partnership Conference” was also clearly about how to secure better the borders of Europe. Other protests will take place in the week before the summit itself (e.g. on July 2 with a “wave of protest” going through Hamburg: see
However, the G20 platform encouraged all groups and networks to organize protest activities against the G20 in a “compact week“ of debate, direct action and a demonstration that gives a picture of how many and how diverse we are. The aim of this compact week is to be in the Hamburg city centre, when “they” are there, to have our protests and critique heard and seen, and to practically link different forms of action and critique.
Of course, such an approach of solidarity, connection and convergence is usually not welcomed by those in power – especially not by the city government of Hamburg. Often we meet bitter opposition to our rights to struggle, to assemble and to protest, from the police or the state. Activists are criminalized and presented as vandals, legal orders are issued restricting the freedom of assembly and movement, a discourse that prioritises “security issues” and fear above the question of democracy and free speech is launched.
In Hamburg, we now see a red-green government delaying talks on / negotiations for public camps for activists. We see a red-green government issuing a broad legal order that declares Hamburg on July 7 and 8 specifically to be a democracy-free zone, outlawing any assembly, movement or camp for July 7 and 8 in an area covering almost all of Hamburg city centre and around (see here for a map). Importantly, the demonstration on Saturday is legally registered and will take place!
There is now a public outcry against repression in Hamburg. Reaching beyond those who are active in the No G20 protests, a “campaign for the right to assembly” has formed and will publish a call for support. Church members will call for “round tables” and public debates, and more will hopefully follow soon. Furthermore, we will of course fight this order through the courts. We will go to court to support each assembly and demonstration that might be affected. Besides, we are building as broad alliances as possible – with all those who don’t accept living in a city that outlaws democracy. And we claim that the right to assemble and the freedom of movement are best preserved when practiced on the streets of Hamburg by as many people as possible.
In 2017 the Bastille stands in Hamburg! Let us be many, let us be loud, let us send a strong and visible sign across the world that we reject the G20 and the politics they represent and practice. Let us demonstrate that another world is necessary, and indeed, is possible and that we are already building it (for the international call to join the protests in Hamburg see
We are saying that they don’t represent us – not in Hamburg nor in Africa, the Middle East or Asia, the Americas or elsewhere in Europe and the world ( We will fight these orders and this discourse through legal processes, by public interventions, and by building broad alliances with movements, civil society, organizations and NGOs, so that tens of thousands of people will be in Hamburg in early July: at the alternative summit, the camps, the transnational demonstration, the mass blockade, the numerous civil disobedience actions as well as many other initiatives and happenings. We will meet, discuss, and practice our vision of a world of freedom, equality and solidarity!
So now, please take some time to look at the variety of activities planned so far. We will be on the streets, we will find accommodation for all of us, we will be together and we will say loudly: Solidarity beyond borders instead of the G20!

2. The protest week in detail: the main activities planned so far
The social centre collectives are gathering all information on all activities and will publish a map and a reader for all of us to use.
See also:
Links for general overview: or
Links to maps: protest map (
map of the blue zone (

Wednesday, July 5th
10:00-21:30 – Global Solidarity Summit (Day 1)
More than 50 initiatives and organizations from Germany and abroad are inviting people for the international “Global Solidarity Summit“. As an answer to the G20 Summit on 7 and 8 July, the “Alternative Summit“ will bring together and amplify our criticism, discuss alternatives and, above all, build alliances and develop strategies for the implementation of a policy for global solidarity. There will be 11 panels with international guests, e.g. highly renowned economist Jayati Ghosh, globalization critic and winner of the alternative Nobel Prize Vandana Shiva from India and the leading Kurdish politician Salih Müslim from Rojava. In addition to the panels, there will be numerous discussions and practical workshops.
The location is the Kampnagel, Hamburg
Further information and detailed program:

18:00 – Night Dance Demonstration
Organizers: Alles allen (Everything for all is a collective of political hedonists)
Starting from Landungsbrücken (for a map click here)

Thursday, July 6th
10:00-21:30 – Global Solidarity Summit (Day 2)
11:30 – Meeting for international activists:
Here is the space to exchange final questions, concerns, updates within the international circle. Location to be announced but it will be at the site of the Global Solidarity Summit.
15:00 – Final action plenary (until the demo starts):
A general assembly for the Block G20 / Colour the Red Zone activity (Friday) with last-minute information, organizing, Q&A (with translation into English for the international activists) – probably in the camp, location will be announced
19:00 – “Welcome to Hell” demonstration:
“International anti-capitalist demonstration against G20 summit called by the autonomous and anti-capitalist alliance “G20 – welcome to hell!” The demonstration will start with a great opening meeting. There will be cultural, musical and political contributions. From 7 p.m., the demonstration will be approaching the red zone and the final meeting will be held a stone’s throw from the summit’s location in the exhibition halls.”
Starting from: St. Pauli Fischmarkt, Hamburg (for a map click here) Call and further information:

Friday, July 7th
The first day of the G20 summit and the day of disobedient mass actions throughout the city!
Block G20 – Colour The Red Zone
“Together with tens of thousands we will reclaim the streets in the heart of the city. Residents and activists from various countries will jointly block the summit meeting. We will organize ourselves in several fingers or similar structures, acting autonomously but in coordination. From all directions we will surge towards the sites of the summit meeting, to the trade fair (Messehallen), to the City Hall and the Elbphilharmonie, in short to the Red Zone that will be sealed off for the meeting. Where the police will be in our way, we will find alternative paths to our goal. Where necessary we will overcome obstacles and possibly break through police chains. We will go as far as we get. Already on our way to the Red Zone, we will demonstrate our societal alternatives through diverse and creative forms like raves, assemblies and the occupation of public spaces and vacancies. We reserve the right to stay overnight.“
Call, action picture, action consensus and important updates:

Shut down the logistics of capital!
“Hamburg and its harbour is an important hub for the German export economy and the global goods traffic – and because of that, the perfect venue to disrupt the state and capital. Neither will ever be able to provide a better life for all. We are calling to use the international mobilization against the G20 summit to inflict as much pain as possible on a world where commodities can move freely overseas while at the same time migrants are dying by the thousands in the same oceans.”
Information and updates:

Student strike – Youth against G20
Student strike with demonstration called by a coalition of social, internationalist, trade unionist and antifascist youth groups, organizations, initiatives and individuals.
Call, information and updates:

19:00 – Colourful Critical Mass
“We don’t car!” (twitter: #cmasshh). Stop the lines of cars of the G20 with a huge bicycle tour, promoting environment- friendly movement.
Starting from Moorweide (S- Bahn Dammtor) (for a map click here)

3 to 9.30 pm – Dialogue-Event “We need to talk: Debt20 meets G20″
organized by / Jubilee Germany; at the GLS Bank Hamburg (see also

7.30 to 10 pm – “DiEM25@G20
“Constructive Disobedience! Resistance in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism“ – a public discussion with Renata Avila, Angela Richter, Aral Balkan, Srećko Horvat, Michael Hardt, Yanis Varoufakis (video), DiEM25 DSCs + special surprise, at the Audimax of the Universität Hamburg, Von-Melle-Park 4, 20146 Hamburg

Saturday, July 8th:
11:00 – Mass demonstration
Central, internationalist and anti-capitalist mass demonstration “Solidarity without borders instead of G20” on the second day of the G20 summit with numerous blocs of different political coalitions and spectrums. Open to everyone who shares our outrage and our hope and wants to take to the streets of Hamburg with us in a loud, colourful and diverse demonstration. The goal of the march is to demonstrate the strength of the alliance in its variety and unity. The march will start together and arrive together (see the demo vision at, for now only available in German)
Starting from Deichtorhallen at 11 am with a (German/Turkish) opening rally with speeches from all parts of the alliance and welcoming words in different languages by international participants (for a map click here).
Join the international representative block right at the front of the demonstration to highlight the global dimension of the No G20 protests. Bring your banners and symbols. A contingent / bloc of the alliance and international delegations, activists and comrades will open the march. Please make sure that you bring posters, banners and signs that tell the world what you want to say in your language, and that help to demonstrate that our alliance, the resistance and protest against the politics of the G20 is indeed international and global.
The closing rally will take place at the Heiligengeistfeld in St. Pauli with a huge stage, cultural/music acts and famous speakers from different regions of the world – the women’s movement / Black Lives Matter, US; the Kurdish movement of Rojava; the climate justice movement from Colombia; and Hamburg’s Right to the City movement. Information, demo picture and updates:

3. Logistical Matters
Many of you come from far away and travel in larger groups. Here you can find some updates on bus coordination, the information system, accommodation – and how to make early contact with those organizing these matters.

Arrival and bus coordination:
If you are travelling in a larger group or convoy, get in touch with us through international [at] Let us know where you are coming from and when, so that in case you experience problems with the police we will be notified. Please include an email address or phone contact for a reliable contact person for the busses from each region. Please notice that this contact address for busses is not appropriate for further safe communication! The task now is to establish the necessary contact with all the busses so that we can then establish communication for later on the trip itself. Shortly you will find this mail address for the busses on the NoG20 International website too (see:, together with a contact phone number.
If you want to participate at the BlockG20 action on Friday, make sure to be at the Camp in Hamburg by 15:00 at the latest for the final action plenary!
Please be also aware that for the G20 the Schengen treaty is suspended. We do not know to what extent the police will prevent activists from crossing the border into Germany. But be prepared for police controls! If you are a larger convoy, you might want to think about bringing press and parliamentarian observers from your countries/regions with you, or at least be in touch with some.

First meeting point:
At Arrivatipark (“Neuer Pferdemarkt” outside the blue zone: for a map click here) you can gather first information, orientation and craft your own protest materials.

There will be accommodation for you! Two camps are being planned: one by an autonomous preparation group (the so-called “anticapitalist camp”) and one by a broader coalition for everybody. Both have registered campsites with the city of Hamburg: the autonomous “anticapitalist camp” at the Stadtpark and the “spectrum-wide camp” at Volkspark Altona. It has been a long process of fighting, going to court, and negotiating, and we are doing everything possible to have a camp take place; if not, there will be alternatives! Both camps should provide – aside from camping and eating possibilities – political barrios and space for common discussion, final action trainings and plenaries.
For updates and information: (spectrum-wide camp) and (autonomous “anticapitalist camp”).

Info hotline and Info channels:
We will have a NoG20 (international) info hotline established for the days starting with your trip (more or less) and ending when you are home or when the last busses have crossed the border. This will be posted on the website ( a few days before July 5, so please stay tuned. The hotline will give you info when needed, and will arrange for legal support in case of troubles with the police on your journey.
There will be infopoints at specific, crucial points in the city (e.g. the central station) as well as a reader and map with all available information.

4. Legal matters
As we know from the previous international mobilizations and protests, preparing for legal matters is of crucial importance. Take your time therefore to check out legal information on the blog of the G20 anti-repression structure: in various languages.

There will be a legal team (twitter: @EA_hh) operating, a demonstration watch /monitoring by the Committee for Basic Rights and Democracy (including people from the OECD Assembly Rights Working Group as well as parliamentarians), a medical team and out of action areas watching out for us and helping us, and people waiting outside the “Gesas” (pre-charge detention center).

We also recommend reading this article about German police history and tactics:
Legal info in various languages:

The emergency telephone numbers in case of arrest etc. will be published in the days immediately before the G20 protest week and your trip. Please check with the mailing lists or us if you can’t find them, since you should have them before your trip.

5. Stay tuned for updates and support us
Things change quickly; many things will be decided and finalised only in the last days before the actions and demonstration: so get in touch with us and stay tuned!
For last Info, telephone numbers, action maps etc:.
Subscribe to the mailing list by sending an email to international [at]
Check our homepage:
Check Facebook (@g20international) and Twitter (@NoG20_Inter)
If you want to participate in the BlockG20 action, make sure to be at the final action assembly on Thursday, July 6 at 15:00!

Support us:
Solidarity Tickets for international activists
We are trying to raise money also to support activists from other European countries with their travel costs by selling so-called solidarity tickets ( you can transfer money directly to this bank account and print out the solidarity ticket for yourself (or wait until Hamburg to get a nice one printed):
Name: Adelante e.V.!
Reference: “Soliticket”,
IBAN: DE53430609671168858400,

Donations for BlockG20:
Name: Verein Bewegungsfonds
Reference: “Aktion”
IBAN: CH07 0900 0000 6187 7407 8

Donations for the Global Solidarity Summit:

Donations for the Demonstration:
Name: Hamburger Forum e.V.,
Reference: G20 Gipfel
IBAN: DE32 4306 0967 2067 3173 01,

Media coverage, social media, mobilization material.
Please support us during the protest days through your social media. The Twitter hashtags are: #NoG20, #towardsG20, #BlockG20
Please spread the call and news, download and put up posters, and help with anything we haven’t thought of yet. If you have any questions around this please contact us (international [at]
Other Support:
We do need your help not only to prepare everything in advance, to get in touch with us, to inform us about your plans etc. We will also need people who can give a helping hand during the protest week itself – whether it is at the food kitchen, with translation or in the kids’ area. Please keep your eyes and ears open when people ask for help.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask at: international [at]
We are looking forward to seeing you all and sending out our message to the world:
Allons enfants! In 2017 the Bastille stands in Hamburg!
International NoG20

Open Letter to Hamburg

Open letter (eng.)

Press release (eng.)

N o G20 International Coordinating group

Press release of the International No G20 coordinating group 17.05.2017

“Do not be afraid, because we come as friends”, says Patrick Bond, economist and activist from South Africa, when he talks about coming to Hamburg to protest against the G20 summit. “We want to take away the fears of us, which are fueled by politics”. In the letter co-written by him to Hamburg’s civil society it says: “The true invaders and destroyers of our cities are the G20 and we must protect ourselves together. If they want a democracy-free zone in Hamburg, we want a G20-free Hamburg.”

Already for months people from countries like Argentina, France and Ireland plan their journey to Hamburg. The International No G20 coordinating groups clarifies that they want to protest in July in solidarity with the people living in Hamburg: with respect for their neighborhoods and the inspiring activities within them, that emanates solidarity and freedom. Bettina Müller from Attac Argentina says: “I am looking forward to Hamburg and its people and hope that one gets to know each other during the protests”.

The International No G20 group is part of the global preparation of protests against the G20 summit in Hamburg and is composed of different groups from Europe and the world. This includes for example Attac Argentina, the network “BRICS from below”, social centers from Italy, left groups from Eastern Europe and human rights groups. The protest plans include a congress, blockades, actions of mass civil disobedience and a big demonstration.

General Info

On Dec. 1st in 2016, the German government took over the presidency of the G20. The G20 gathers 19 of the richest nation states of the world, plus the EU (as a union of nation states). On July 7 and 8 this summer, the heads of these states (and unions) will meet for their summit in the (real) center of Hamburg.

However, those who invite the G20 consequently invite protest.

Several initiatives, political groups and representatives of civil society have started in late summer of 2016, therefore, to organize and coordinate protests against the G20, the summit itself in the center of Hamburg as well as against its global organization of power

We know already, there will be a variety of activities from various currents and concerns of political life, there are and will be more alliances being build around local, thematic and political concerns (also under the rubric of the specific G20 minister meetings … such as finance, foreign policies, “Africa”, trade etc.).

However, some direction is clear already: Continue reading “General Info”

Further platforms and alliances

Here is a list of different platforms, networks and alliances, that will be part of the protest around the G20 summit in Hamburg.  This list is not exhaustive and maybe never will be complete. Also the list may not necessarily represent the political orientation of the collectives, which are part of the International NO-g20 work group. We just want to highlight the broadness, diversity and multiplicity of protest, that will take place.

Official G20 Homepage

G20 platform (germany)

No G20 Infoportal (Information portal from germany)

G20 Welcome to hell

No G20 Climate Action

G20 Entern (only german)

NoG20 France (france)

Arna (North european)

Coalition Belge contre le G20 2017 (Belgium)