G-20: this world different

“The rich do wrong and boast of it, while the poor are wronged and beg forgiveness. As long as the rich can use you they will enslave you, but when you are down and out they will abandon you.As long as you have anything they will live with you, but they will drain you dry without remorse.” (Jesus Sirach 13,3-4)

From July 7 to 8, 2017 the G-20 will meet in Hamburg, Germany to discuss the state of the world. They will try to solve its most urgent problems – or at least make them manageable. They will talk about the future of this world. So let us do the same, or even better: let us express what everybody should know by now: THIS world in THESE conditions has no future!
Despite its enormous technological opportunities, despite sufficient resources and despite its vast treasure of historical experience the question arises how long we will be able to go on like this.

The conditions under which people scrape a living and reproduce – let us call it capitalism – produce squalor: unemployment, inequality in its different forms and poverty and death. Capitalism has nothing on offer to oppose the wars, the displacement, the terror and the uncertainty. In its deluded strife for growth it floods our world with garbage and also produces “human garbage” through marginalisation, as stated by Pope Francis. Continue reading “G-20: this world different”