Write your own letter to Hamburg

Did you already read our open letter to Hamburg? Do you think it was too impersonal or do you think it should be spread broader?

Then we have great idea for you:

  1. Print out our open letter or write your own one
  2. Choose one of the addresses listed below
  3. Put it into a stamped envelope

If you feel more associated to the digital world.

  1. Use our open letter or write your own one via email
  2. Choose one of the email addresses listed below
  3. Wait for response

Political Addresses in Hamburg (governmental, governing parties)

Behörde für Inneres und Sport (Senat for interior matters)

Senator Andy Grote

Postal address: Johanniswall 4, 20095 Hamburg, Germany

G20 Gipfel Bürgertelefon („G20-summit phone for citizen’s concerns“ at the Hamburg police): g20-buergerinfo@polizei.hamburg.de

Senator of Justice

Dr. Till Steffen

Justizbehörde (judicial authority): poststelle@justiz.hamburg.de

Hamburg’s Green Party (which ist in government and has the position of Senator of Justice)

Hamburg Newspapers

Hamburger Abendblatt (Biggest Local Newspaper Hamburg): lokales [at] abendblatt.de

· WELT (national newspaper with Hamburg focus): hamburg [at] welt.de

· Taz (left liberal) North: redaktion [at] taz-nord.de

· Spiegel (one of the main German weekly): spiegel [at] spiegel.de