Luglio 2017, il vertice del G20 ad Amburgo. Con i venti leader più potenti del mondo, in un mondo in profonda crisi e turbolenza, sotto gli occhi dei media globali. Ma non si troveranno là solo i potenti. Faremo in modo che siano ascoltate le voci delle diverse lotte di tutto il mondo: le voci contro la disuguaglianza sociale, l’austerità e lo sfruttamento; le voci contro la guerra e la catastrofe ecologica; le nostre voci per la solidarietà, per scelte e visioni altre. Sappiamo che possiamo far sentire le nostre voci, se sapremo parlare con voce forte e chiara. Seattle 1999 e Genova 2001, le mobilitazioni globali contro le guerre nel Golfo, le piazze di Madrid, Istanbul, New York e Lagos, Blockupy 2015 a Francoforte e il movimento globale delle donne lo hanno dimostrato.

Report from the International No-g20 preparatory Meeting

Report from the International No-g20 preparatory Meeting, April 7 in Hamburg:

60 activists from various networks and European regions confirm their commitment to push for the transnationalization of the G20 protest and coordinate our efforts:

We are loud we are many, the world will hear us!

On April 7, 2017, we met in Hamburg for the first Inter/Transnational No-g20 meeting to map, prepare and organize for the transnational mobilization and participation in the broad protests against the G20 summit that will take place July 7 & 8 in the midst and centre of Hamburg. We met for a day long face to face meeting after three months of communicating mainly through mails and a mailing list, by meeting in conference calls or at other (transnational) meetings.

We had a full day of productive discussions on the significance of an inter-/transnational convergence of struggles, protests and resistance in this historical moment. Continue reading “Report from the International No-g20 preparatory Meeting”

G-20: this world different

“The rich do wrong and boast of it, while the poor are wronged and beg forgiveness. As long as the rich can use you they will enslave you, but when you are down and out they will abandon you.As long as you have anything they will live with you, but they will drain you dry without remorse.” (Jesus Sirach 13,3-4)

From July 7 to 8, 2017 the G-20 will meet in Hamburg, Germany to discuss the state of the world. They will try to solve its most urgent problems – or at least make them manageable. They will talk about the future of this world. So let us do the same, or even better: let us express what everybody should know by now: THIS world in THESE conditions has no future!
Despite its enormous technological opportunities, despite sufficient resources and despite its vast treasure of historical experience the question arises how long we will be able to go on like this.

The conditions under which people scrape a living and reproduce – let us call it capitalism – produce squalor: unemployment, inequality in its different forms and poverty and death. Capitalism has nothing on offer to oppose the wars, the displacement, the terror and the uncertainty. In its deluded strife for growth it floods our world with garbage and also produces “human garbage” through marginalisation, as stated by Pope Francis. Continue reading “G-20: this world different”


The Gängeviertel, where we will meet, April 7, is a whole quarter, located at Valentinskamp (28-39) close to the subway station Gänsemarkt.

Location: Gängeviertel, Valentinskamp 34a, 20335 Hamburg

Googlemaps: 2 stops with the subway U2 from the central station to station Gänsemarkt

The Gängeviertel is a whole quarter, a bloc of the Valentinskamp (28-39) close to the subway station Gänsemarkt. We will meet in the groundfloor of one of the main building, die Fabrique (building 7 on the map). Of course we will put up posters so nobody will get lost and finds her/his way.

General Info

On Dec. 1st in 2016, the German government took over the presidency of the G20. The G20 gathers 19 of the richest nation states of the world, plus the EU (as a union of nation states). On July 7 and 8 this summer, the heads of these states (and unions) will meet for their summit in the (real) center of Hamburg.

However, those who invite the G20 consequently invite protest.

Several initiatives, political groups and representatives of civil society have started in late summer of 2016, therefore, to organize and coordinate protests against the G20, the summit itself in the center of Hamburg as well as against its global organization of power

We know already, there will be a variety of activities from various currents and concerns of political life, there are and will be more alliances being build around local, thematic and political concerns (also under the rubric of the specific G20 minister meetings … such as finance, foreign policies, “Africa”, trade etc.).

However, some direction is clear already: Continue reading “General Info”

Further platforms and alliances

Here is a list of different platforms, networks and alliances, that will be part of the protest around the G20 summit in Hamburg.  This list is not exhaustive and maybe never will be complete. Also the list may not necessarily represent the political orientation of the collectives, which are part of the International NO-g20 work group. We just want to highlight the broadness, diversity and multiplicity of protest, that will take place.

Official G20 Homepage

G20 platform (germany)

No G20 Infoportal (Information portal from germany)

G20 Welcome to hell

No G20 Climate Action

G20 Entern (only german)

NoG20 France (france)

Arna (North european)

Coalition Belge contre le G20 2017 (Belgium)

We are many! We are loud! Τhe world will hear us

If you want to sign the call in solidarity just write an email to
We will publish the first list of signatures during the weekend of 7th and 9th of april.

July 2017, the G20 summit in Hamburg. With the world’s 20 most powerful leaders, in a world in deep crisis and turmoil, the world’s media will be present. But it is not only the powerful and mighty who will be there. We will make sure that the voices of the many different struggles around the globe will be “on air” as well: the voices against social inequality, austerity and exploitation; the voices against war and manmade eco-disaster; our voices for solidarity, other choices and visions. We know that we can make our voices heard, if we are loud and clear. Seattle 1999, the global marches against the Gulf War, the squares of Madrid, Istanbul, New York and Lagos, Blockupy 2015 in Frankfurt and the Global Women’s Marches proved it.

The G20 will try to square the circle and protect the globalized system of domination from its own self-destructiveness. And they will try to rearrange the whole world in order to serve the interests of the rich and powerful. This is why we, the lively resistance in our many shapes and forms, will be in Hamburg. Continue reading “We are many! We are loud! Τhe world will hear us”

Global Solidarity Summit

Call for participation

On 7 and 8 July 2017, the Leaders of the Group of 20 (G20) will meet in Hamburg. This self-styled club of 19 of the most powerful economies in the world and the EU claims to fight global crises. However, reality reveals a different picture:

  • The G20 defends a system that exacerbates social disparities instead of leading policies against deprivation and hunger and enabling justice and prosperity for everyone on this planet.
  • The governments of many G20 countries undermine the rights of employees, unemployed people and self-employed workers, thus aggravating the redistribution of income and wealth from the bottom to the top.
  • They prioritize economic growth over politics to stop global warming and the destruction of natural resources.
  • In response to the 2008 financial crisis, the G20 was to establish global rules in order to stabilize and limit the growth of the financial sector. Yet, the financial sector has continued to grow steadily and now expands investment even into new areas such as ecosystem services or public service infrastructure.
  • Many G20 governments approve arms exports, thus militarizing conflicts even further, such as in Afghanistan or in Syria, and even against parts of their own population, as in Turkey.
  • The policies of the G20 governments are contributing to flight and migration of millions of people. At the same time, many of these governments are closing their borders, risking the deaths of thousands of people every year.
    In many G20 countries, fundamental rights and democracy are diminished. Actions by people standing up for social and environmental concerns as well as human rights are more and more often criminalized.

The G20 claims to strengthen international cooperation. But after all, the club effectively weakens the UN and its special agencies.

All this means: The G20’s policies are part of the problem.

We are convinced that other policies are possible! This is why we meet for the „Global Solidarity Summit“! It is high time for all of us standing up for different policies or already practicing them, to agree on how to turn things around. We need to assess interdependencies between global problems and address them at their roots.

We ask:

  • How can we defeat poverty, exploitation, oppression, war and the destruction of nature?
  • How can we enforce social rights on a global scale?
  • How can we strengthen participatory and democratic rights?
  • How can we effectively combat racism, misogyny and homophobia?
  • How can we create a community based on cooperation, self-determination and solidarity?
  • What does an economic system look like that actually serves the needs of the people rather than profiteers?
  • What are the principles for global policymaking, including for the G20? And, what do alternative political approaches look like?

We will meet on 5 and 6 July in Hamburg. We will bring together and amplify our criticism, discuss alternatives and, above all, build alliances and develop strategies for implementation.

Be part of the solidary alternatives!

We call individuals, groups, organizations and social movements to contribute their proposals and to participate in making the summit program as diverse and spirited as possible. If you want to support this call, please register at “Sign the Call” by April 18.

Our summit will be more diverse and lively with your workshop contributions. Please submit a short description of the workshop or other activities that you are planning at “Submit a workshop” by April 18. There are several possible event formats such as lectures, workshops, networking events, writing workshops, films or artistic performances. We will have to deal with limitations to provide venues for workshops and you should also look for your own financial support. Therefore, we may not be able to consider all the proposals submitted or try to combine related applications. We will however do our very best to accommodate as many activities as possible.

Homepage of the Global Solidarity Summit