General Info

On Dec. 1st in 2016, the German government took over the presidency of the G20. The G20 gathers 19 of the richest nation states of the world, plus the EU (as a union of nation states). On July 7 and 8 this summer, the heads of these states (and unions) will meet for their summit in the (real) center of Hamburg.

However, those who invite the G20 consequently invite protest.

Several initiatives, political groups and representatives of civil society have started in late summer of 2016, therefore, to organize and coordinate protests against the G20, the summit itself in the center of Hamburg as well as against its global organization of power

We know already, there will be a variety of activities from various currents and concerns of political life, there are and will be more alliances being build around local, thematic and political concerns (also under the rubric of the specific G20 minister meetings … such as finance, foreign policies, “Africa”, trade etc.).

However, some direction is clear already: Continue reading “General Info”

Further platforms and alliances

Here is a list of different platforms, networks and alliances, that will be part of the protest around the G20 summit in Hamburg.  This list is not exhaustive and maybe never will be complete. Also the list may not necessarily represent the political orientation of the collectives, which are part of the International NO-g20 work group. We just want to highlight the broadness, diversity and multiplicity of protest, that will take place.

Official G20 Homepage

Global Solidarity Summit (The alternative to the G20 Summit in Hamburg)


G20 platform

No G20 Infoportal (organization of action conferences in Hamburg)

G20 Welcome to hell

G20 Entern (only german)